Strategic goals of the Faculty of Medicine

Education and students:
  1. The development of academic programs of the college in line with international standards.
  2. Excellence in student activities at the level of the Egyptian and Arab universities.
  3. Elevating the level of services offered to students
Graduate Studies and Scientific Research:
  1. Upgrading graduate programs in line with international standards.
  2. Raising the production of the research faculty to increase the efficiency of the international publication rates.
  3. Increased research partnership with institutions and centers of education and research institutions and community service.
Community Service and Environmental Development:
  1. Development and the development of the internal environment of the college and university hospitals.
  2. Elevating the level of community service commensurate with the actual needs and priorities of the community.
Quality assurance:
  1. Maintaining the academic accreditation of the college.
  2. The total rehabilitation of the adoption of the UN.

Performance Development:

  1. The development of the capacity of faculty members and their assistants college.
  2. Upgrading the current administrative system of the College.
finance resource:
  1. Seeking to develop and increase the self-financial resources and funding opportunities for college.
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