Agents former dean for community servicelist

  1. Pro.D / Kamal Abdel-Hamid El Hawary from 17/07/1991 to 31/07/1996
  2. Pro.D/ Abdul Latif Hegazy from 08/01/1996 to 05/02/2000
  3. Pro.D/ Mohammed Ahmed Jaballah from 08/05/2000 to 21/12/2001
  4. Pro.D/ Jamal Mohammed Mamoun Dahab from 22/12/2001 to 21/12/2004
  5. Pro.D/ Amr on Sarhan from 22/12/2004 to 07/31/2005
  6. Pro.D/ Ahmed Kamal Mansour from 8/2/2005 to 31/7/2008
  7. Pro.D/ Raouf Amin Ahmed Nafees from 1/11/2008 to 3/8/2010
  8. Pro.D/ Mohamed Mounir Saeed Awad Allah from 4/8/2010 to 1/10/2011
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