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  1. Dr. Ahmed Badawy
  2. Prof. Taher Gamal
  3. Prof. Hussein Sheashaa
  4. Dr. Ahmed Abdelhakiem El-Gendy
  5. Dr. Ahmed Abdelhady
  6. Prof. Ahmed Kamal Mansour
  7. Dr. Ahmed Mansour Hamad
  8. Prof. Osama ElBaz
  9. Prof. Ahmed Ali ElDegwi
  10. Dr. Eqbal Mohammed Abo Hashim
  11. Prof. Elsaeed Abd Elhadi
  12. Dr. Amal Abd Elhafez Abd Elmegeed
  13. Dr. Amany Ismaeil Zidan
  14. Dr. Amal Mohammed Moustafa Yousef
  15. Dr. Ayman Zaki Elsamanoudy
  16. Prof. Tamer Abo Elsaad
  17. Prof. Hossam Eldein Ibraheim Elnemr
  18. Dr. Hassan Mohammed Hassan Rizk
  19. Dr. Doaa Abdelwahhab
  20. Dr. Rehan Mounier Youssef
  21. Prof. Samia Hawas
  22. Dr. Sahar ElGharabawy
  23. Prof. Salwa Ali Abo Elez Gaweish
  24. Dr. Samar Adel Askar
  25. Dr. Somaia Abdellatief Moqbel
  26. Dr. Sohaila Elsherbieny Attallah
  27. Dr. Sherien Abdelghany Mazroua
  28. Prof. Salah Ibraheim Tantawy
  29. Prof. Tarek Ibraheim Mahdy
  30. Prof. Adel Bondoq
  31. Dr. Adel Mohammed Galal Elbadrawy
  32. Prof. Abdelwahab Mohammed Abdelwahab Rakha
  33. Dr. Afaf Abdelhafez Abdelmeguied
  34. Prof. Ali Tawfeek
  35. Dr. Emad Eldein Azmi
  36. Dr. Abdelaziz Mohammed Hussein
  37. Prof. Fathi Elbatouty
  38. أ.Dr. Mohammed Ibraheim Seliem
  39. Dr. Mohammed Elhadidi
  40. Dr. Mohammed Fayez Yazeid
  41. Dr. Mohammed Abou Hegazi Mohammed Hegazi
  42. Prof. Mohammed Rashad Ghoneim
  43. Prof. Mohammed Sobh
  44. Prof. Mohammed Abdelghafar Borg
  45. Dr. Mohammed Alaeldein Mosbah
  46. Prof. Mohammed Fareid
  47. Prof. Mohammed Mohammed Ali Saeed
  48. Dr. Magda Abdelsalam Ahmed
  49. Dr. Mona Elhadidi
  50. Prof. Maysaa Elsaied Zaki
  51. Dr. Nasser Hamed Ahmed Awad
  52. Prof. Nabiel Elmorshidy
  53. Prof. Nesrene Salah Omar
  54. Prof. Hesham Abdelhady
  55. Dr. Hesham Elbahqery
  56. Dr. Hend Ahmed Elhadad
  57. Prof. Wael Wafeq Khafagy
  58. Prof. Yasser Khafagy


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