Seminar to address medical waste at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Mansoura

Affairs Sector organized community service and development environment of Medicine Mansoura in cooperation with the family of Medicine Mansoura Safety Seminar "Medical waste treatment see an integrated team" runway D / Ibrahim Abu Naja Medicine Mansoura
Under the patronage of Prof. Dr. / Mohammed Hassan Kenawy President of Mansoura University and Entrepreneurship D / Zaki Zidane, Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development and the supervision of Prof. Dr. / Abdel Hadi Al-Mansoura Dean of Medicine and the organization of Prof. Dr. Nasreen Salah Omar Director of Faculty of Medicine for service community and environmental development
 D / Adel Alohidy Professor of Public Health Medicine, Mansoura - d / Hesham Mohamed Rabie head of the central administration of the territory of East Delta EEAA - d / Iman Omar stage a member of the Committee of Occupational Safety and Health Hospital emergency and teacher of Occupational Health Medicine Mansoura - a / Dalia Nabil based acting Director of waste management EEAA addition to a number of gentlemen faculty of medicine, Mansoura and gentlemen, the Ministry of Health doctors and nurses at hospitals gentlemen Mansoura University members
The seminar aims to introduce the medical waste and the extent caused by the transmission of diseases as well as to explain the methods of safe disposal
Represented symposium axes in what medical waste facilities, health care, the conduct of the waste from the line of separation at source to final treatment, the role of the committees Occupational Safety and Health within the university hospitals, safe disposal of medical waste in accordance with the specifications of the Ministry of Environment, the medical waste management challenges in hospitals
The d / Iman Omar stage to the challenges facing waste management in hospitals and ways to overcome them
Turning d / Zainab spring to get rid of medical waste from the beginning of the chapter of the upstream itinerary through the collection of medical waste inside the medical facility and then transported to the place of temporary Altakran then processed using farm equipment and sterilizing the end of the registration of waste in the medical records within the facility And it demanded the presence of hazardous medical waste trading license and environmental impact assessment University Hospitals D / Alohidy just pointed out safety management and occupational health and medical functions of HR and the persons responsible for the disposal of such waste
They discussed d / Hesham Mohamed Rabie specifications approved by the Ministry of the Environment for the safe disposal of medical waste And reviewed the D / Nasreen Salah Omar types of waste and the risk that the safe disposal and methods of transmission supported her Ba_khasaiaat related rates resulting from lack of safe exposure to waste injuries claim the need to establish a unit for medical waste in hospitals'darh
D / Saeed Abdel Hady stressed the need for attention to the problem of disposal of medical waste and treatment of all medical and non-medical aspects as they relate to the culture and behavior of dealers with these wastes. He noted Abdel Hady need to choose the right persons engaged in the disposal of these wastes Meh, sort of distinction between hazardous and non-hazardous waste in order to save costs and to
prevent the transmission of infection, where the safe place positively affect the patient's health

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