Laying the foundation stone of the liver transplant building at Mansoura University

Dr. Mohamed El-Qenawy, President of Mansoura University, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Shaarawy, Governor of Dakahlia, laid the foundation stone for the new expansions of the Liver Diseases and Plant Building at the Center of Gastrointestinal Surgery at Mansoura University
 In the presence of Prof. Dr. Ashraf Swailam, Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research, Prof. Dr. Zaki Zaidan, Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development, Prof. Dr. Said Abdel Hadi, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Prof. Mohamed Abdel Wahab, Dr. Ahmed Abdel-Raouf, Director of the Gastroenterology Center, Dr. Mohamed Rabie, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Delta University, Dr. Ibrahim Saber, President of Horus University, Prof. Dr. Mohamed Attwa, Dean of the Faculty of Commerce, Prof. Dr. Nahed El Anany, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy; Veterinary a. Prof. Dr. Mohamed El-Shehat, Dean of Faculty of Physical Education, Prof. Dr. Abdullah Gad, Dean of the Faculty of Specific Education, Prof. Dr. Amina El-Nemer, Dean of Faculty of Nursing, Prof. Dr. Mohamed Hegazy, Director of Oncology Center, Prof. Dr. Wafa Al Bahaie, Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Saad Mekki, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Zayat, Captain of Doctors of Dakahlia.
The laying of the foundation stone for the new building comes after a benefactor donated 155 million pounds to build the new building
 Dr. Mohamed Abdel Wahab presented the importance of the new expansions of the liver and liver transplant building to eliminate the waiting lists. The Center can perform its mission in treating liver patients. The center has a selection of doctors and nurses who are working hard to treat the Egyptian patient. Has made new expansions to serve patients, and that the center since its establishment by the late Dr. Farouk Ezzat and the Center continues to perform his message to the fullest.
He pointed out that the liver transplant program started in 2006 with one case per week and the program was developed to grow two cases a week until we reached the situation 510 Due to the need for expansions and after the donation of a benefactor, the design of the new building was based on the latest designs of the international medical centers. The first is outpatient clinics, the second floor is operations, the third floor is intensive care, the fourth floor is educational and administrative offices for doctors and administrators, 3 roles for patients with a capacity of 60 beds.
Dr. Ahmed Abdel Raouf said that the success of the work and the level of medical services for patients as a result of the efforts of all the doctors and staff of the center, we are all working as a team for one goal is to serve the Egyptian patient and we will all condense to complete the new expansions and hope that this new building will be completed as soon as possible to eliminate Patient waiting lists.
 He added that the university is working on many expansions in medical centers and hospitals to eliminate waiting lists and provide the best medical service suitable for the Egyptian citizen. The University is currently working on the establishment of a specialized center for organ transplantation including liver and kidney transplantation in the University's expansion in Jamsa city.
 He pointed out that all hospitals and medical centers provide the best medical service to patients at the level of university hospitals, where more than 3 million patients were treated last year and hope that the new medical centers will be opened after completion and that the state spares no effort to strengthen hospitals. Hospitals to serve patients.
 Dr. Mohamed El-Qenawy confirmed that the new building is an addition to the medical system inside Mansoura University and will eliminate waiting lists for liver disease patients. Two cases are currently being transplanted and there are more than 200 cases on waiting lists. Life for every patient
 He paid tribute to all workers of the digestive system for their efforts in the treatment of the Egyptian patient. An example of a system of relief work team spirit in order to achieve a higher goal is the service and treatment of the patient
He also thanked all the benevolent people and every donor, regardless of his donation and every hand adopted in Egypt, and every hand helps to support the university and its hospitals and medical centers. What is happening today highlights the authentic metal of the Egyptian people. Today we are laying the foundation stone for the new expansions after one of the philanthropists donated 15 million pounds He asked not to be identified and many people provided support to some medical centers and hospitals.
Dr. Ahmed Al-Shaarawi congratulated all people of Dakahlia to lay the foundation stone for a new building for liver transplantation, which will treat many people of Dakahlia, and we celebrate today belonging to this country and this province, there is no success without belonging. Therefore, it has achieved medical successes and achievements for patients and the new expansions will help all liver patients.
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