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Cultural Affairs Sector, delegations and university affairs at Ministry of Higher Education about supporting young distinguished researchers from staff assistants (demonstrator - assistant lecture) Who publishing their researchs through Attending international conferences And approval by the Executive Committee of the delegations On 23 August 2017 to increase the value of support to become as follows:
  1. 12000 L.E for Arab countries
  2. 15000 L.E for European countries
  3. 21000 L.E for The Americas, Australia, East Asia and South Africa

Note that the required papers are as follows:

  1. approval of the sending authority (mansoura university) on the student's travel (demonstrator - assistant lecture) to attend the international conference
  2. Research plan submitted by the student for publication in the conference
  3. Approval of the organizer of the conference And to participate in the conference with an acceptable research for declamation
  4. Indicating that the International Conference was published on the Internet
  5. What is the contribution of the university (Sending authority) in the presence of the Conference or not

The payment will be after the travel and provide all the documents.

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