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Mr. Prof. Dr. / Ashraf Abdel Basset received - Vice President for Education and Student Affairs Monday, December 19, 2016 both of Prof. Dr. / Mohamed Attia - Undersecretary of the Faculty of Medicine of Student Affairs, Prof. Dr. / Nisreen Omar - Deputy Dean of Faculty of Medicine of Environmental Affairs, Prof. Dr. / Abdul Aziz Muhammad - a professor of Physiology, Faculty of Medicine,
And so to honor both the student / Khaled Magdy Sadek -talib fifth Division School of Medicine concerning the international publication of two papers in the Canadian Journal of scientific Physiology and Pharmacology Journal epilepsy research for the treatment of epilepsy disease where the student began research under the supervision of Prof. Dr. / Abdul Aziz Mohammed Hussein, Prof. / Osama Abu Saud - professor of psychiatry at the National Institute of Health, USA to conduct research for the treatment of epilepsy or alleviate the symptoms of the disease, where they conducted two research papers experimental mice experimental Medical research Center, college of Medicine University proved where he experiences the initial for the use of the antibiotic Siftrajkazhon material acid Alverelik available in vegetables and student will represent Mansoura University at a conference in Spain.
And student / Mohamed Alaa Mukhtar - in the fifth year student at the Faculty of Medicine, the student / Mohamed Magdy Mahmoud -talib fourth year at the Faculty of Medicine concerning the representation of the University of Mansoura five research in the conference organized by Harvard University in the US.
 The student Mohammed Alaa representative of the Arab Republic of Egypt among the 16 participating countries around the world and praised everyone on this research, especially its recommendations and a model for how to reduce the incidence of inflammation epidemiological and was honored by the President, Dr. / Keira Mason Conference - Professor
Harvard University and won the best speaker award was young at the conference.



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