Head of Department : Prof. Khaled Zalata

Welcome to the Department of Pathology at Mansoura School of Medicine. Pathology is the branch of medical science that studies of the structural, biochemical, and functional changes in cells, tissues, and organs that underlie diseases. It is considered the heart of medicine both in diagnosis and research. 

Pathology department is one of the most active departments in the Faculty of Medicine in Mansoura University. The department comprises three main parts, education, diagnosis and research. Education of medical students in the third year and for all master students of different specialities is one of the major tasks of the department. Conducting a high ranked research in various areas of the medical field is another major task.

In addition to its academic activities, the department provides specialized diagnostic histo­pathology and cytology services for all departments of the main University Hospital and the related specialised centres including Oncology Centre, Gastroenterology Centre, Children Hospital, Specialist Medical Hospital, Urology and Nephrology Centre, Ophthalmology Centre and the Emergency Hospital. It also functions as a referral centre for the Ministry of Health and other hospitals in the Dakahleia region.

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Mansoura, 60Elgomhoria st, Mansoura University, Faculty of Medicine

Tel.: 002 050 2202772
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