COVID-19 and the effects on Trauma Care

Register now for our 3rd free webinar on Sharing Surgical Skills….COVID-19 and the effects on Trauma Care - with speakers from Canada and The Netherlands

Thursday 14th May 17:00 CET

-Edward Tan (Netherlands); Traumasurgeon, Chair Department of Emergency Medicine at RadboudUMC, Helicopter Emergency Medical System Physician, Lifeliner 3

-Philip Barker (Canada); retired professor of surgery, active in teaching trauma surgery internationally via the ISS, IATSIC and as an International Instructor of DSTC

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If you do not yet have access to our Academy you can register for free here:

and watch the procedure 'Trauma Laparotomy: Penetrating Right Upper Quadrant Injury' performed by Edward Tan and Philip Barker. Free access until 1st June.

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