On behalf of my dear colleagues, all members of physiology department, I am pleased to welcome you to our beloved department.

"No goals, no inspiration"

"No inspiration, no action"

"No action,no destination"

Our desired goal is to make a difference, whether by imprinting knowledge in our dear students, or more importantly, to be by their sides and take their hands in their first steps in the medicinal world. We are inspired by our great mentors who spared no effort in passing their knowledge to the younger and till now we remember them with a lot of appreciation. And now it is our turn to pass the light.

We also seek to make a difference in the research field, the science of physiology has been always a fertile soil of questions that needed answers or at least needed to be questioned, it is indeed the father of all sciences. We began the road with a number of international publications and we are eager to continue. We are also working on our infrastructure (labs and equipment) to serve not only physiology department members but to serve the science generally. It’s not about perfect, it’s about effort. That’s how change occurs, and we have no intention to save any effort to make a difference.

Thank you for visiting our website and I invite you to explore our department further to learn more about our research activities and our education programs.


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