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Welcome to visit the website of Medical Microbiology and Immunology Department.

Six Units are present in our department:


Medical Bacteriology Unit.

Medical Immunology Unit.

Microbial Genetics Unit.

Medical Virology Unit.

Medical Mycology Unit.

Infection control Unit.


The teaching activities in our department extend to:

Undergraduate teaching for:


Semester1 through Semester 5 Medical students.

Semester1 through Semester 5 Mansoura–Manchester Programme for Medical Education.

Students in Faculty of Dentistry.

Students of the Faculty of Nursing.

Students of the Nursing Institue.

Students of the Health Institue.


Postgraduate teaching for:


Demonstrators and assistant lecturers in our department.

Demonstrators of the Clinical Pharmacology Department and the Parasitology Department and assistant lecturers of the Medical Histology and Cell biology.

Residents and assistant lecturers of the different clinical specialties (Pediatrics, Chest Medicine Dermatology, Andrology, and STDs, Clinical Oncology and Nuclear Medicine, General Surgery, Surgical Oncology, Urology, Orthopedic Surgery, Tropical Medicine, Emergency Medicine and Traumatology).



Many scientific activities are present in our department including:


The scientific meeting once every week.

Workshops of the different scientific units.

Scientific conferences.

Thesis for M.Sc and Ph.D degrees.


We offer Infection control practices in Mansoura University Hospitals & Medical centers.