Strategic Plan for the Faculty of Medicine

The current strategic plan of the Faculty of Medicine - Mansoura University comes as part of the many initiatives and development stages that the faculty put forward years ago to improve its competitiveness and spread the culture of quality and its institutional and academic standards within the university community. The first phase of the initiative ended with the faculty obtaining academic accreditation on August 21, 2011. And now, in the year 2023, and after all these years have passed and the recurrence of obtaining institutional accreditation several times, the dream is renewed in maintaining this accreditation, in which a lot of effort and time has been spent, and it continues until now, over and over.
It should be noted that this strategic plan is an investment in the future of the Faculty of Medicine at Mansoura University. It also represents a commitment from the faculty towards its community. It is also a plan to face current and future challenges. The plan presents a realistic and ambitious vision to ensure that future generations of our students receive a level of High-end, distinguished education that conforms to the quality standards of medical education. In the next few years, the college seeks to develop a system of regulations for the undergraduate stage and to develop programs and courses to reach the level that achieves satisfaction for all parties to the educational process, whether students or faculty members and their assistants. It also seeks to develop the training system for all employees of the institution to improve the professional and administrative performance of the institution.