Neurosurgery Department

The Department of Neurosurgery in Mansoura university is committed to delivering exceptional patient care, the pursuit of science to improve patient outcomes and to training future leaders in the field. Our highly specialized physicians, scientists, practitioners and staff are devoted to providing the highest standard of patient care for all neurosurgical conditions We offer the latest in cutting edge treatment in a state-of-the-art environment that is simply unsurpassed in terms of quality, infrastructure and level of compassionate, patient-focused care. Our neurosurgeons are highly sub-specialized, such that each one focuses on very specific areas of neurosurgery and related conditions, leading to better outcomes for patients and their families. Our neurosurgeons provide neurosurgical services at hospitals across university and Emergency hospital , transferring patients with more complex conditions, when necessary, to main university hospital . More routine procedures and follow-up can be done closer to home for convenience. We are taking steps towards transformation into specialized center , equipped with state of the art facilities , providing compassionate and patient centered care

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 Prof. Dr.  Hatem Ibrahim Badr

    Head of Department

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