Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs word

Dear Colleagues letter to faculty and their assistants
Some believe that the idea of ​​quality assurance and accreditation is the kind of institutional decor and luxury is not consistent with the reality of education in Egypt's overburdened and problems
Dear Colleagues .. with stunning advances in the means of communication has become the world as a small village tangled interests and transactions hence the need has arisen for the classification of institutions, including educational institutions, and was the development of criteria for evaluation and then adopted if it achieved the required standards. And therefore we can not only accredited educational institutions dealing and cooperation and take advantage of other institutions at the national or global level.
From here the decision to establish the National Authority to ensure the quality of education and accreditation of educational institutions in 2006 under the Cabinet cabinets and government funding.
Put AUTHORITY axes to evaluate the educational institution are the institutional capacity and effectiveness of teaching and identified eight criteria for each axis and awarded funding for each institution to improve the ability Almassseh and given more time before the test institution and granting or not granting accreditation.
Some may not realize the benefits that accrue to the institution and to colleagues and employees if achieved accreditation. Let's mention some examples After prevail idea of ​​dependence and become incumbent upon the educational institutions will happen the following: -
.. In the labor market will require hospitals wishing to appoint doctors in the Arab countries or even within Egypt to be a doctor from an accredited college graduates .. This has already begun in a declaration published in a Saudi hospital in Al-Ahram newspaper two months ago. As well as for the appointment of faculty in Arab universities.
When applying to take a look at scientific conferences or publishing in scientific research in the journal there will be a requirement that research has been conducted in accredited institution if the research laboratory will be the condition to be accredited lab.
When you want to complete the study or work in a foreign country will be graduating or getting a master's degree or doctorate from a certified college or institute a prerequisite condition.
When you need to transfer their children from one school or college Egyptian to a school or college in another country landscapes to working conditions would be conditional on the approval of educational Almasssh in Egypt accredited institution.
Will be scholarships or research at the individual or institutional level is limited to accredited educational institutions only.
Dear colleagues ... reliance is not a luxury, not a waste of time and not Tjamila for educational institutions, but the need will benefit everyone.
Dear colleagues made our college for accreditation .. The commission visited the college body exploratory visit and expressed observed what has been accomplished and what has not been completed yet .. proceed slowly to complete the certification requirements.
We hope that colleagues puts their hands in the hands and in the hands of some other department heads and management of the college to achieve the goal of accreditation.
Great confidence in you .. and our college is worth making the effort for it to achieve the dream.
Prof.Dr.Basma Shoman