Vice-Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development word

 Dear students, faculties , colleagues , ancillary staff members, all administrators and  employees welcome all of you  in the community service web site
One of the Mansoura University ,Faculty of Medicine messages is to met the needs of society and the development of the surrounding environment , we work in the sector through a number of committees and units with many  colleagues in various disciplines beginning from the Continuing Medical Education unit, organize workshops for medical professionals in  Dakahlia province and other provinces based on their needs ,to the Committee on humanitarian and medical support by  providing medical education, awareness, visits to the various segments of civil society, community service research and projects, coordinating convoys educational and medical attended and  villages with the participation of students , than move to the activity and the unit of the human resources that offer many courses of a constellation of specialists ,the  committees of  safety and health is responsible for professional activity at the faculty of Medicine and universities hospitals, which seeks to apply the standards development in security and safety in the work environment under the supervision of a dedicated team from the occupational health department ,the unit of crisis management and disaster has multiple activities for the safety creation , the alumin units strives to connect alumni at home and abroad to the school, for the improvement in the quality system of the school
God willing,
We  wish to all community parties, civil society organizations and colleagues from the faculty and ancillary staff, employees and students to continue participate  actively in all services  and programs provided
May God help us and guide our steps ... to serve our beloved country and our college esteemed ...
God grants success
 dr ghada

Prof.Ghada El Kanishy

Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development