Vice Dean for Post-Graduate Studies

Our message scrape that the gentlemen faculty transfer events of their findings from the knowledge, skills and expertise in their field to the graduate students have to take note that when the assessment that these students can not in any way to reach to the level of esteemed professors in other words, "to know students during their studies as much as we can and treat them during the exam as often as they can. "
The graduate students including the future of the college and must be equipped scientifically and practically and administratively and psychologically, to carry flares scientific renaissance in the coming years, God willing.
Each researcher colleague or supervisor of a thesis I hope that our research be of a specific target new and the idea of ​​the resulting knowledge or skill or a new technology useful for science and for patients and to keep away as much as possible about re-doing what has been done abroad, with minor modifications to seem new, it does not make a note of the useful and difficult published in magazines and periodicals of high scientific value.
And colleagues returning from a scientific missions abroad, they should try to transfer what they have learned to the next generation in the spirit of love and giving away for transcendence and phenotypic and asked them to continue the same level of research that they spread abroad and seeking as much as possible to form research teams and working groups integrated capable of producing a new thought and I know that possibilities for much less than looking abroad, but we have to try and start step by step and then seek for grants and funding for good ideas and we now have experimental medical research center can be a starting point if combined powers. Finally, I hope that was issued professors Distinguished supervisors and arbitrators can accommodate the messages and scientific research, and to allow me to ask them sponsored researchers and cultivate hope in them and insist on their best extraction taking into account the different circumstances relatively than return it professors Distinguished Each generation circumstances, but our children need us for the kinds of kids we and we light the way for them right and rise above their perverse hope of a better tomorrow for college and science and for our beloved country.
Peace, mercy and blessings of God

Prof. Dr. Tamer Abou-Elsaad

Professor of Phoniatrics, ORL Department Faculty of Medicine

Vice-dean for post-graduate and cultural affairs

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