Services provided by the Student Affairs

1: Procedures for enrollment of student candidates for college admission:

- Receiving students who are candidates for admission to the college and receiving their files, whether those who have obtained high school diplomas or equivalent certificates and international students, and reviewing them and writing down their data in lists manually after being arranged alphabetically.

- Reviewing the signature of the medical examination for students on the electronic system of Mansoura University to complete the procedures for enrolling nominated student candidates.

- The student affairs officer extracts the permission to pay the tuition fees and delivers it to the students to go to the treasury.

- Receiving the payment receipt from the student after paying the tuition fees in the college treasury by the student affairs officer.

2: Services Provided to Students:

- Approving student enrollment certificates, university campus papers, social research forms and library borrowing form.

- Approving case data for students wishing to transfer from our college to other colleges.

- Approving the scientific content studied by the student wishing to transfer from the college during the years of his/her study.

- Issuing class certificates for students who have exhausted the number of failure times.

- Issuing a health card for the first-year students.

- Issuing lists of the names of students who deserve an award for excellence and who have excellent and very good grade to be handed over to the Financial Affairs Department to take their dues.

3: Warrants for Presentation to the College Council:

- Warrants to discontinue students' for the academic year or accept sick excuses for students who could not to enter exams, either for subjects, or for a semester, or for the entire academic year.

- Warrants to allow students who have the right to enter the exam from abroad to apply for the exam.

4: Student Records:

- Writing the students' records for each year according to each student file, showing his/her full name / status of enrollment / student gender / nationality / religion / date and place of birth / obtained certificate, date and type of acquisition and total grade / tuition fees / parent’s name, profession and address / current year exam result and backwardness materials, if any, the signature of the observer.

- Recording statistics in each team's register (type / status of registration, classified according to type / governorates, classified according to type / result of the current year).

5: Examination work:

- Preparing lists of seating numbers for students to sign up for exams.

- Reviewing the backlog materials for all students.

- Preparing statistics showing the title of the course and the number of students who will take the exam classified according to the registration status (new/remaining/from abroad) in addition to the number of students who will take the exam in the course from higher teams (backwardness).

- Inventory of the backwardness courses that contain discrepancy and present them to the head of the department so that he/she can prepare the exam schedules.

- Review exam schedules for the first and second semesters and backwardness schedules.

- Preparing a statistical statement for each department separately, with the number of students, committees, observers, observers, absenteeism officials and co officials, according to the exam days shown in the students' exam schedules.

- Preparing daily actual attendance signature statements for all observation work (observers / observers / medical committee / legal committee / workers / absence officials).

- Preparing daily statistics in the presence and absence of students, special committees and cases of fraud and send them to the university administration.

6: Correspondence for students:

- Addressing students who have not completed their college enrolment procedures.

- Addressing the college students and alert them to pay the tuition fees.

- Addressing male students who did not meet their recruitment papers.