Mansoura University Hospital (Main Department)

Formed of 4 PACs Units (Abdomen and Pelvis - Musculoskeletal Unit –Cardio-Thorathic Unit – Neurology, Head and neck Units) Responsible for diagnosis of CT and MRI examinations.

It also includes separate Female Imaging Unit.

As well as an Intervention Unit, X ray Unit and Doppler Unit.

The units include the following equipment:

  • US Aplio 500
  • Mammography Fujifilm
  • MRI: Siemens symphony 1.5 T And Philips Ingenia 1.5
  • 2 X ray machines Philips.
  • X ray and fluoroscopy machine Siemens.
  • X ray machine DR Toshiba
  • US and Doppler machine GE
  • US and Doppler machine Philips
  • 6 US machines Toshiba
  • Digital subtraction Angiography Philips
  • MDCT 128 slice Philips
  • MDCT 16 slice GE