New 3 Medical Centers


(Neurology, Neurosurgery Center, Orthopedic Center, and Obstetrics and Gynecology Center)

The Head of Radiology Unit in New Three Medical Centers is Prof. Nehad Mahmoud Samy Fouda

Deputy Head of unit is Ass. Prof. Ahmed El-Morsy.

The unit includes the following equipment:

  • MRI Siemens symphony 1.5 T.
  • CT Toshiba Canon 16 slice.
  • CT GE 128 slice.
  • Fluoroscopy Siemens.
  • 3 x-ray DR Toshiba.
  • X-ray Phillips.
  • X-ray Shamze.
  • 2 US GE logic.
  • 2 US Toshiba Cannon.