M.D. Theses

1. Post-traumatic cubitus varus deformity.

By: Wahid M. Ramadan (1973)

2. Study in the results of early internal fixation of compound fractures shaft femur.

By: Samir Zaki M. Kotb (1974)

3. Fracture head of radius. Method of treatment and results.

By: M. Maher Saied Magd (1976)

4. Flexion deformity of the knee after poliomyelitis. Evaluation of the different methods of treatment.

By: Mohamed Magdy El-Batouty (1977)

5. Fracture patella. Methods of treatment and results.

By: M. Morsy Ibrahim Wahba (1977)

6. Study in the results of different methods of treatment of the fractured Shaft humerus.

By: Ibrahim Awad Eid (1979)

7. Fracture shaft of the tibia. A study in the results of different methods of treatment.

By: El-Sayed Morsy Aly (1979)

8. Fracture olecranon methods of treatment and results.

By: El-Shenawy Mostaffa El-Shenawy (1983)

9. Evaluation of the results of treatment of recent ankle fractures with different methods.

By: M. Reda Sameh El-Lakkany (1983)

10. Non-union study of different methods of treatment in long bones.

By: Salah El-Deen El-Dosoky El-Nagar (1983)

11. Conservative versus operative management of forearm fractures in Adults.

By: Hazem M. El-Nagdy (1983)

12. Reconstruction of the finger in hand injuries.

By: Adel Abd El-Hamid Salim Ghoniem (1983)

13. Upper dome tibial osteotomy versus other decongestive operative methods in the management of osteoarthrosis of the knee joint.

By: Talaat Abdel Fattah Nassar (1985)

14. Compartmental replacement arthroplasty versus tibial osteotomy in arthritic knee.

By: Abdalla Abdel Hamid El-Malki (1986)

15. Internal fixation in the treatment of hand fractures.

By: Hassan Aly Mohamed (1987)

16. Results of partial meniscectomy.

By: Ahmed Hammouda Ali (1988)

17. Internal fixation in the treatment of Trochanteric fractures.

By: Mohamed A. Elnass Mohamed (1989)

18. Fractures shaft of tibia. Comparative study in the results of internal fixation.

By: Hisham M. Zaki El-Mowafy (1989)

19. Arthroscopy in high tibial osteotomy.

By: Roshdy Mostafa El-Sallab (1990)

20. Different methods of treatment of intra-articular fractures around the knee.

By: Youssef Okasha (1990)

21. Anterior cruciate deficient knee the problem, management and results.

By: Yahia El-Said Bassiouny (1991)

22. Femoral shaft fracture in adult. Methods of treatment and results.

By: M. Saleh El-Essawy (1992)

23. Acetabular fractures.

By: M. Abouel-Lill Mosy (1992)

24. Anterior knee pain.

By: Mostaffa Abd El-Khalek (1993)

25. Study of the results of interlocking nail in treatment of fractures of the femur.

By: El-Sayed Abd El-Aziz (1994)

26. Resection and reconstruction of skeletal defects about the pelvic region and the lower limb for primary malignant bone tumors.

By: Hani M. Zaki El-Mowafi (1995)

27. Evaluation of patellar resurfacing in total knee replacement.

By: Mahmoud Ismail El-Hadidi (1995)

28. Management of unstable thoracolumbar fractures.

By: Yousry Ali Hussein Zeyada (1996)

29. Conservative versus operative management of distal femoral fractures.

By: Ahmed Ibrahim El-Nabawi Enan (1996)

30. Femoral shaft fracture in adults. Methods of treatment and results.

By: Akram Ibrahim Ramadan (1996)

31. Displaced fractures of proximal humerus in adults.

By: M. Moustafa El-Menawey (1996)

32. Displaced supracondylar fracture of the humerus in children, methods of treatment and results.

By: Mahmoud Ahmed Abd El-Fadeel (1996)

33. Use of external fixator for treatment of un-united diaphyseal fractures.

By: Mohamed Abd El-Wahab El-Saied (1996)

34. Assessment of the influence of open lumbar discectomy on the stability of the lumbar spine.

By: Mohamed Esmael El-Abd (1997)

35. Evaluation of the results of percutaneous discectomy in the treatment of lumbar disc prolapse.

By: Ehab Youssef Hasanin (1997)

36. Reconstruction of anterior cruciate ligament with bone – patellar ligament - bone graft with interference fit screw fixation and a lateral extra – articular tenodesis.

By: Moustafa Taha El-Akkad (1997)

37. Revision of cemented total hip arthroplasty.

By: Akram Amin Hammad (1997)

38. Surgical treatment of spondylolisthesis.

By: Mohamed Ashraf Khalil (1998)

39. Epidemiology, treatment and outcome of fractures of the tibial plateau.

By: Wael Lotfy Abd El-Nabi (1998)

40. The surgical management of unstable pelvic ring fractures.

By: Gamal El-Adl El-Saied (1999)

41. Evaluation of different methods of treatment for comminuted distal radius fractures in adults.

By: Mohamed Hussam Mehrez (2000)

42. The treatment of nonunion of the tibia by Ilizarov external fixator.

By: Khaled Wasfy M. Wasfy (2000)

43. A Study in the results of limb salvage for osteosarcoma.

By: Hisham Refaat Ahmed (2000)

44. Revision surgery for recurrent and residual clubfoot deformity.

By: Mazen Samir Abou El-Saad (2001)

45. Combined open reduction and Salter innominate osteotomy for developmental dysplasia of the hip.

By: Wael Ali Maher El-Adl (2001)

46. Treatment of fractures of the tibial shaft with the use of interlocking nailing without reaming.

By: Maged M. Mahmoud El-Shennawy (2001)

47. Management of lower cervical spine fractures and dislocations in adults.

By: George Wadeed Yacoub (2001)

48. Results of cruciate sacrifying total knee arthroplasties in the management advanced osteoarthritic knees.

By: Mohamed Khairy Hussein El-Gamal (2002)

49. Treatment of non-united tibial fracture by locking intramedullary nail.

By: Mohamed Salah Ibrahim Omer (2002)

50. Distraction osteogenesis in management of bone defects.

By: Barakat Sayed Ibrahim El-Alfy (2002)

51. Evaluation of the results of limb salvage in primary bone malignancy by resection, extracorporeal irradiation and re-implantation.

By: Mohamed Fathy M. Mostafa (2003)

52. Evaluation of interlocking nail in management of humeral shaft fracture.

By: Ayman Farouk Abo Mosalam (2003)

53. Correction of leg deformities by Ilizarov apparatus.

By: Nabil Ahmed El-Moghazy (2003)

54. Transpedicular fixation in treatment of unstable thoracolumbar and lumbar spine fractures.

By: Yasser Ahmed Salama (2003)

55. Management of neonatal and early infantile septic arthritis of hip joint.

By: Salem Samy Salem Dorgham (2003)

56. Surgical treatment of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis.

By: Mohamed Serri El-Said Ahmed (2003)

57. Evaluation of the results of surgical treatment of recurrent anterior shoulder instability by modified Bristow.

By: Abd El-Rahman Ahmed El-Ganiny (2003)

58. Treatment of limb length discrepancy with external fixator in children and adolescents: Results and complications.

By: Aymen M. Ahmed Ali (2004)

59. Results of different modalities of treatment of giant cell tumor of bones.

By: Abed Abdel-Latif El-Negyri (2004)

60. Anterior decompression and stabilization for thoracolumbar burst fractures.

By: Mohamed Abd El-Aziz Ghorab (2005)

61. Knee version and knee joint pathology.

By: Adham Abdel-Raouf El-Sharkawy (2005)

62. Biological internal fixation in multifragmentary long bones fractures.

By: Tarek M. Mahmoud Ragheb (In Progress)

63. Results of limb-salvage in Ewing sarcoma.

By: Salam Fawzy (In Progress)

64. Chiari osteotomy versus lateral shelf acetabuloplasty as salvage procedures in treatment of Perthes' diseas.

By: Yasser Mahmoud Roshdy (In Progress)

65. Different methods of treatment residual adduction deformity in clubfoot. A comparative study.

By: Mohamed Abd El-Salam Abo El-Naga (In Progress)

66. Surgical treatment of intra-articular calcaneal fracture in adult.

By: Ahmed El-Hawary (In Progress)

67. Prosthetic hemiarthroplasty for fractures and fracture dislocations of the proximal humerus.

By: Mohamed Fahmy Sharaby (In Progress)

68. Arthroscopic suture stabilization of anterior shoulder instability.

By: Nasser Mohamed Ibrahim (In Progress)

69. Open versus arthroscopic acromioplasty in treatment of impingement syndrome of the shoulder.

By: Moheb M. Sayed Ahmed (In Progress)

70. Results of different methods of treatment of aneurismal bone cyst.

By: Hyetham M. El-Sayed Abd Elmaksoud (In Progress)

71. Grade III open tibial shaft fractures: Evaluation and management.

By: Hatem El-Gohari (In Progress)

72. Evaluation of results of treatment of complex foot deformities by using Ilizarov

external fixator.

By: Mohammed Ahmed Refaay (In Progress)

73. Vascularized fibular graft in the management of bone tumours around the knee.

By: Yasser Youssef Abd-Elrahman (In Progress)

74. Arthroscopic management of rotator cuff tears.

By: Medhat Tawfeik Metwally Maaty (In Progress)

75. Results of cemented and cementless total hip arthroplasty in steroid dependant patients.

By: Wael Abdel-Rahman Abdel-Karim (In Progress)

76. Different methods of treatment residual adduction deformity in clubfoot "A

comparative study".

By: Mohamed Abdel-Salam Ahmed (In Progress)


M.Sc. Theses

1. Effect of intra-articular injection of cytotoxic drugs in rheumatoid arthritis

By: Amin Ahmed Khair Alla (1975)

2. Study of some electrolyte disturbance in acute injury.

By: El-Shennawy Mostafa El-Shennawy (1975)

3. Fracture of the carpal scaphoid bone. Evaluation of the results of conservative treatment.

By: Mahmoud Kamel El-Serafi (1975)

4. Evaluation of methods of treatment of supracondylar fracture humerus.

By: Salah El-Dein El-Dosoky El-Nagar (1976)

5. Treatment of fractures around the ankle joint by the compression technique.

By: Yossef Okasha Awad (1977)

6. Study in the results of treatment of fracture shaft femur in children by immediate

spica immobilization.

By: Mosaad M. Abdalla Zeidan (1977)

8. Cervical injuries.

By: Ahmed Essam El-Deen El-Sayed (1977)

9. Statistical study in the aetiology of painful heel.

By: Hazem Mohamed El-Nagdy (1977)

10. Upper tibial osteotomy in treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee joint.

By: El-Sayed Hamed Hasan Gaber Hamouda (1978)

11. Study of the incidence of congenital anomalies of the lumbosacral region of the

spine in normal adults and in patients with low back pain with or without sciatica.

By: Adel Abd El-Hamid Ghoneim (1978)

12. Recurrent Shoulder Dislocation.

By: M. Khairy Hasan El-Gaml (1978)

13. Lumbar Disc Prolapse.

By: Hussein Kamel Noman Ahmed (1978)

14. External subtalar arthrodesis in treatment of foot deformities due to residual


By: Hamdy M. Ali Mohamed (1978)

15. Evaluation of conservative treatment in sacral fractures.

By: M. Ahmed Abd El-Ghany (1979)

16. Study of incidence and types of malunion after fractures of long bones in adults.

By: Mohsen M. Ibrahim El-Sakka (1981)

17. Tennis elbow, present status and prospectives.

By: Galal El-Din Abdo Ibrahim (1981)

18. Arthroscopy of the knee joint.

By: Essam El-Din Ebrahim (1982)

19. Injuries of the thoraco-lumbar spine.

By: Aziz Yousef Makar (1982)

20. Internal fixation versus prosthetic replacement in recent fractures of the femoral


By: Fathy Saleh M. Ahmed (1982)

21. Bennett's fracture.

By: Adel Salah El-Din Tawfik (1982)

22. Osteotomy at the end of the femur.

By: Fouda Ibrahim Ibrahim (1982)

23. Cervical injuries.

By: Ahmed E. El-Din El-Hadidy (1982)

24. Results of different methods of treatment for patellar fractures.

By: Zakaria Mohamed Toma (1982)

25. Evaluation of the results of conservative treatment of fractures of the calcaneus.

By: Mohamed Ahmed Abd El-Sabban (1982)

26. Upper tibial osteotomy. Operation for knee osteoarthritis.

By: El-Sayed Hassan Gaber (1982)

27. Management of femoral shaft fractures by cast-bracing.

By: Moneer Abdo Abo El-Nour (1982)

28. Acute ligamentous injury of the knee joint.

By: Kamal Ibrahim M. Metawa (1982)

29. Application of tension hand for different fracture olecranon, patellar and malleolar fractures.

By: Amir Abdel Wahab Ebrahim (1982)

30. Uses of implants in fracture surgery.

By: Raafat Abd El-Lateif Aly (1982)

31. Lumbar disc protrusion.

By: Ahmed El-Hoseny Ahmed Shaban (1983)

32. Extra articular subtalar arthrodesis for paralytic valgus and varus deformities of the foot.

By: Hamdy Mohamed Abdel Motaal (1983)

33. Pyogenic haematogenous osteomyelitis.

By: Ferhad Fakeeh Abdou (1983)

34. Electrical stimulation in management of delayed union and nonunion.

By: Mahmoud Ramzy Moustafa (1983)

35. Study of complications of Colle's fracture.

By: Ahmed M. El-Okda (1983)

36. Diagnosis of lumbar disc prolapse.

By: Emad Abd El-Malek Bechara (1983)

37. Trochanteric fractures.

By: Mohamed Mohamed Sadek (1983)

38. Carpal tunnel syndrome.

By: Mohamed Ahmed Hadhoud (1984)

39. Osgood- schlatter disease.

By: Mohamed Soliman Hussein (1984)

40. Fracture calcaneus.

By: Emad Abd El-Monem El-Bassiony (1984)

41. Bone graft in bone Surgery.

By: Hussien M. Hussien Abed (1985)

42. Perth's disease.

By: Mohamed Abd El-Hakeem El-Refaey (1985)

43. Full profile of fracture cases attending orthopaedic & traumatology department,

Mansoura Hospital.

By: Mohamed Abo El-Nas Mohamed (1985)

44. Ligamentous injuries around the ankle joint.

By: Raafat A. Samad Ibrahim (1985)

45. Congenital dislocation of the hip present status and prospectives.

By: Mohamed Saleh El-Essawy (1985)

46. Acetabular fractures.

By: Ahmed Abd El-Aziz El-Said (1985)

47. Angular deformities around the knee joint in children.

By: Mohamed Reda Youssef (1985)

48. Knee arthroplasty prosthesis.

By: Hesham M. Zaky El-Mowafy (1985)

49. Idiopathic scoliosis.

By: Nagyi Tawfik Hanna (1985)

50. Generalized osteoporosis.

By: M. Ahmed Abd El-Razik El-Bakry (1986)

51. Injuries of the tibial plateau.

By: Amin Ahmed Nassar (1986)

52. Anterior cruciate ligament deficient knee.

By: Roshdy Mostafa El-Sallab (1986)

53. Chondromalacia patellae.

By: Mostafa Taha El-Akad (1986)

54. Range of joint Motions in normal subjects.

By: Mohamed Aly Y. Hegazy (1986)

55. Kienbock's disease.

By: Ahmed M. Yehia Mokhtar (1986)

56. Normal structure of articular cartilage and degenerative pathological changes in


By: Amro Ibrahiem Hussein (1986)

57. Flat foot diagnosis and management.

By: M. Ahmed Abd Allah (1986)

58. Bone cysts.

By: Raouf Kamal Gourgy (1986)

59. Slipped capital femoral epiphysis.

By: Mohamed A. El-Lail Mousa (1986)

60. Monteggia fracture dislocation in adults and children.

By: Taysir M. El-Zalabani (1986)

61. Microbial contamination of the operating room.

By: Yahia El-Said Bassiouny (1986)

62. Evaluation of serum copper level in rheumatoid artheritic patients.

By: Anis El-Sayed M. El-Sayed (1986)

63. Dupuytren's contracture.

By: Adel Azmy Bishay (1986)

64. Ankylosing spondylitis.

By: Lotfi Kabil Hassanin (1987)

65. Fractures healing.

By: Nabil Mohamed Salem (1987)

66. Congenital pseudo-arthrosis of the tibia.

By: Nagi Mohamed Rizk Moussa (1987)

67. Value of surgical synovectomy in treatment of Rheumatoid arthritis.

By: Hamdi Abdou El-Hadedi (1987)

68. Osteochondritis dissecans of the knee.

By: Yousry Ali H. Zyada (1987)

69. Fracture talus.

By: Mostafa Abd El-Khalek El-Sayed (1987)

70. Stress fractures.

By: Abd El-Moneim El-Wazer Moawad (1987)

71. Rotator cuff injuries and diseases.

By: Yassir Ahmed Khalil Dief (1987)

72. Recurrent dislocation of the patella.

By: Mohamed Essam Fouda (1987)

73. Crystal synovitis.

By: Ahmed Abd El-Rahman Ashour (1987)

74. Osteogenesis imperfecta.

By: Mohamed Ashraf Khalil (1988)

75. Hallux valgus.

By: Ahmed Anwar Rashoan (1988)

76. Post-operative infection in orthopaedics.

By: Mohsen M. Mostafa Mowafy (1989)

77. Radiography of the patella.

By: Ahmed Hassan Atwan (1989)

78. Spondylolithesis.

By: Hani M. Zaky El-Mowafy (1989)

79. Congenital anomalies of the hand.

By: Ahmed Ibrahim El-Nabawy Enan (1989)

80. Calcaneal spur and planter fasciitis.

By: Mamdouh Abd El-Sabour Soliman (1990)

81. Hemophilic arthritis.

By: Mamdouh El-Sayed Oof (1990)

82. Epidemiology of bone tumours in Dakahlia district.

By: Mahmoud Ismael El-Hadidi (1991)

83. Infection in open fractures.

By: M. Abdel Wahab El-Saaid (1991)

84. Needle biopsy of bone tumors.

By: Akram Ibrahim H. Ramadan (1991)

85. Results of the fixation of fractures of. femoral condyle in children.

By: Amir Wiliam Hanna (1991)

86. Epidemiology of Congenital Talipus in Dakahlia district.

By: Akram Amin Hussen Hamad (1991)

87. Significance of Bauman's angle in displaced supracondylar fractures of the humerus in children.

By: Ehab Yossef Hasanen (1992)

88. Prophylactic Antibiotics in orthopaedic surgery, “A prospective study”.

By: Wail Lotfy Abd El-Naby (1993)

89. Acetabular weight bearing surface (WBS) in normal hips in Dakhlia district.

By: Gamal El-Adl El-Saeid (1993)

90. Evaluation of the results of operative treatment of intercondylar fracture of the humerus.

By: Khaled Wasfy M. Wasfy (1993)

91. Treatment of fractures clavicle by 8-figure or sling.

By: Salem Samy Salem Dorgham (1993)

92. Magnetic resonance imaging in carpal tunnel syndrome.

By: Yaser Ahmed Salama (1993)

93. Effect of traction as a line of management in orthopaedic disorders of the lower limb.

By: Mazen Samir M. Abou El-Saad (1994)

94. Human growth hormone pattern in fracture healing.

By: Emad Ahmed Ibrahim Malek (1994)

95. Conventional versus functional treatment of metacarpal fractures.

By: Maged Mohamed El-Shennawy (1995)

96. Lights on the MSc & MD produced in department of orthopaedic surgery Mansoura Faculty of Medicine.

By: Tarek Mahmoud Ragheb (1995)

97. Non discogenic low back pain.

By: Ayman F. Abou-Mosalam (1996)

98. Role of magnetic resonance imaging in diagnosis of soft tissue injuries in acute ankle trauma.

By: Wael Aly Maher El-Adl (1996)

99. Evaluation of magnetic resonance imaging in occult fractures and soft tissues injuries in acutely traumatized patients.

By: Hisham Refaat Ahmed (1996)

100. Impingement syndrome of the shoulder. Role of magnetic resonance imaging.

By: George Wadeed Yacoub (1996)

101. Surgical treatment of acute lateral ligaments injuries of the ankle, early results.

By: Mohamed Fathy M. Mostafa (1997)

102. Femoral neck fractures in children.

By: Marwan M. Mohamed Radwan (1997)

103. Early results of management of closed displaced supracondylar fractures of the humerus in children by closed reduction and percutaneous pinning.

By: Nabil Ahmed El-Moghazy (1997)

104. Study of lead concentration in bone in adult patients treated in Mansoura University Hospitals.

By: Abd El-Rahman Ahmed El-Ghanayny (1997)

105. I.M. nailing in the treatment of diaphyseal femoral in children.

By: Mohamed Serri El-Saied (1997)

106. Results of postero-medial release for congenital club foot.

By: Ahmed M. Ahmed Habeeb (1998)

107. Coxa vara in children.

By: Abdel Moatty El-Sayed Ibrahim (1998)

108. Closed flexible intramedullary nailing of unstable forearm fractures in children.

By: Barakat Sayed Ibrahim El-Alfy (1998)

109. Profile of Rheumatic diseases in Cairo.

By: Amer Kamal Mohamed Ibrahim (1998)

110. Nerve Entrapment syndromes in upper and lower limbs.

By: Ayman Mousbah Mohamed Ali (1998)

111. Bone Bank.

By: Reda Hashim Abd El-Wahab (1998)

112. Normal and abnormal development of the hip.

By: Mohamed El-Ayek Ahmed El-Ayek (1999)

113. Injuries of the distal radio-ulnar joint. Problems and solutions.

By: Abed Abd El-Latief El-Negyri (1999)

114. Spinal pedicular fixation.

By: Magdy Farouk El-Hadidi (1999)

115. Clubfoot scoring systems.

By: Ayman Mohamed Ahmed Aly (1999)

116. Medullary fixation in the management of fractures.

By: Khaled Abd El-Rahman Abd El-Gaid (1999)

117. Torsional malalignment syndrome.

By: Mohamed Abd El-Aziz Ghorab (1999)

118. Management of intertrochanteric fracture.

By: Mohamed El-Sayed Ahmed Dahy (1999)

119: Recent concepts in management of idiopathic scoliosis.

By: Adham Abd El-Raouf El-Sharkawy (1999)

120. Back pain in children.

By: Mohamed Abd El-Salam Ahmed (1999)

121. Failed back surgery syndrome.

By: Yasser Mohamed El-Saeed Mokbel (2000)

122. Percutaneous screws fixation for femoral neck fractures in adults.

By: Ahmed Taher Mohamed El-Monier (2001)

123. Lateral epicondylitis of the elbow (Pathology, Diagnosis and Treatment).

By: Abd El-Moutelb Mahmoud Hassanen (2001)

124. Measurement of pedicular dimension of lower dorsal and lumbar spine in Egyptian adults.

By: Sallam Ibrahim Fawzy (2001)

125. Results of treatment of lower femoral epiphyseal injury.

By: Naser Mohamed Ibrahim Selim (2001)

126. Interlocking nail in treatment of nonunited fracture shaft femur.

By: Ahmed El-Sayed Magdy El-Hawary (2001)

127. Treatment of genu valgum deformity in children and adolescent by closed

wedge femoral osteotomy: results and complications

By: Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed (2001)

128. Correction of cubitus varus deformity by lateral closing wedge osteotomy in children and adolescent.

By: Mohamed M. Fahmy Sharaby (2001)

129. Percutaneous fixation of tibial plateau fracture.

By: Mohamed M. El-Saied Gharbia (2001)

130. Screening school children for scoliosis.

By: Hassan Mohamed Abd El-Hamid (2002)

131. Results of operative treatment of displaced Pott's fracture with special reference to diabetic patients.

By: Mohamed Abd El-Ghaffar El-Baz (2002)

132. Result of treatment of distal epiphyseal injury of the tibia and the fibula.

By: Medhat Tawfik Metwaly Maaty (2002)

133. Osteoid osteoma evaluation of the results of the operative treatment.

By: Moheeb Mohamed Sayed Ahmed (2002)

134. Long-term results of arthroscopic partial and subtotal meniscectomy.

By: Hatem El-Sayed A. El-Gohery (2002)

135. Medial collateral ligament of the knee: surgical analysis of different types of tears and treatment.

By: Yasser Mahmoud Roshdy Kandil (2002)

136. Profile of proximal femoral fractures in patient managed in the Emergency Hospital, Mansoura University.

By: Haytham Mohamed El-Sayed (2002)

137. Retrospective study of the effect of excision of the head of the radius on the inferior radioulnar joint.

By: Mohamed Youssef Abd El-Salam (2002)

138. Extensile lateral approach in comminuted supracondylar intercondylar fractures of the femur followed by continuous passive motion.

By: Ayman Kamal E-Etreby (2002)

139. Derotation humeral osteotomy in children with brachial plexopathy.

By: Ehab Abd Allah Ouda (2003)

140. Retrospective study of the result of dynamic hip screw in intertrochanteric

fractures of the femur.

By: Rabeih Mohamed Mokhtar (2003)

141. Results of treatment of ununited fractures of scaphoid bone by iliac bone graft and kirschener wire fixation.

By: Mohamed Ahmed Refaay (2003)

142. Epidemiology of femoral shaft fractures.

By: Yasser Youssef Abdel-Rahman (2003)

143. Profile of spinal injuries in Emergency Hospital - Mansoura University.

By: Mahmoud M. Ibrahim Abd El-Ghaffar (2003)

144. Percutaneous stabilization of displaced fractures of proximal humerus in adults.

By: Kamel Mohamed Ahmed Youssef (2004)

145. Percutaneous plate fixation in fracture shaft of femur in children and adolescents.

By: Tamer Abd El-Mawla Abd El-Gawad (2004)

146. Evaluation of the results of treatment of proximal humeral injuries in children.

By: Wael Abd El-Rahman Abd El-Karim (2004)

147. Orthopaedic metallic and polymeric biomaterials.

By: Mohamed Esmael Esmael Taha (2004)

148. Evaluation of the results of treatment of unstable fracture distal end radius using kapandaji technique.

By: Mohamed Abo El-Nour Badran (2004)

149. Post-traumatic avascular necrosis of femoral head.

By: Hamed Abd Hawety El-Nagar (2004)

150. Rotational malalignment of the lower limb in children.

By: Khaled Ayman Abd El-Azez Nour (2005)

151. Short term results of treatment of clubfoot deformity by Cincinnati incision.

By: Mahmoud Ali Anter (2005)

152. Gene therapy in orthopaedic.

By: Tamer Ahmed Niazi Sleem (In Progress)

153. Recent trends in management of traumatic acute anterior shoulder dislocation.

By: Alaa Ahmed Abo-Ouf (In Progress)

154. Leg Length discrepancy in children.

By: Khaled Mustafa Zaghloul (In Progress)

155. Percutaneous vertebroplasty.

By: Ali Gegazi Hamid Ismael (In Progress)

156. Normal development of the lower limb axes.

By: Ibrahim Ali Farahat (In Progress)

157. Role of the prosthetic intervertebral disc in the management of lumbar degenerative disc disease.

By: Mahmoud Shawky Korkor (In Progress)

158. Normal values of talocalcaneal and talo-first metatarsal angles in Egyptian infants and children.

By: Mohamed Abo Al-Ata Mohamed (In Progress)