Mansoura Faculty of Medicine celebrates the graduation of Malaysian students, Class of 2022, for the Mansoura Manchester Medical Program

Today, Sunday, January 22, 2023, the Faculty of Medicine at Mansoura University organized the graduation ceremony for Malaysian students, class of 2022,
for the Mansoura Manchester Medical Program, in the conference hall of the university administration. And in the presence of  Prof. Sherif Youssef Khater,
President of Mansoura University, Mr. Zamani Bin Ismail, Ambassador of the State of Malaysia in Cairo, Prof. Mohamed Attia Al-Bayoumi,
Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, Prof. Ashraf Shoma, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Prof.  Tamer Abu Al-Saad, Vice Dean for
Graduate Studies and Research, Prof.  Basma Shoman, Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs,
Prof. Ghada El Fneishy, ​​Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development, Prof.  Ahmed Najm, Director of the Manchester Program,
Prof. Dr. Amani Shoma, Director of Expatriates at the College of Medicine, Prof.  Adel Bunduq, Prof.  Rafik Barakat, Prof. Ahmed Al-Adl, supervisor of
the Expatriates Department, Prof. Osama Al-Shahat, Head of the Dakahlia Doctors Syndicate, faculty members It is worth noting that during the events, a video
was shown of Mansoura University in its various faculties and medical and research centers, then a video was shown of the journey of a Malaysian student since
the beginning of his enrollment in the university. And the stages of his studies in college, his training in university hospitals, and his practice of various activities
with his colleagues, until his arrival on graduation day.
Prof.  Ahmed Negm expressed his great happiness with the graduates sharing their joy on this day. He also congratulated them and thanked their parents,
wished them a bright future, and advised them to take care of their patients. The graduate,Prof. Muhammad Shathwan, gave a speech in which he expressed
his pride in himself and his colleagues on the occasion of their graduation. He also thanked his parents and faculty members. Prof. Basma Shoman
welcomed the guests of the ceremony and congratulated the graduates on their arrival to achieve their dream of achieving success and excellence,
and considered them in their second country, Egypt. She thanked their parents, and expressed her sincere thanks to the university administration.
And Prof. Ashraf Shoma considered the graduation day a special day after years of acquiring knowledge in light of the challenges, and called on the
graduates to have confidence in themselves, because theypossess many skills that are required by the nature of practicing the profession, He thanked the
university administration, faculty members, and parents of students. Prof. Dr. Mohamed Attia Al-Bayoumi welcomed the attendees and congratulated the graduates.
He valued the efforts of the faculty members for their ability to raise the level of the graduates. He also invited the students to visit the university again.
To complete the educational process, to see their colleagues, to attend conferences, to exchange experiences, and to wish them success and build a bright future.
Mr. Zamani Bin Ismail expressed his happiness for attending the second graduation ceremony for Malaysian students, as he attended last year, and his attendance
today was a happy occasion for him and the embassy, ​​within the framework of supporting the bonds of The cooperation and bilateral relations that extended
between the two countries over many years, and he also thanked the university administration and the College of Medicine for their sponsorship of Malaysian
students throughout their studies at the college.
Mr. Dr. Sherif Yousef Khater expressed his happiness with his participation of the Malaysian students in their graduation ceremony and obtaining their first
university degree, to join their colleagues and perform together a great message, pointing out For the importance of raising the level of science and knowledge
coupled with practical practice for the importance of this in the medical sector, due to the almost daily development it witnesses on the one hand, and to
confront new diseases. The ceremony concluded with the graduates performing the doctor's oath, then distributing shields and taking souvenir photos.