The Diagnostic Radiology Department began as a department affiliated with the Department of Physical Therapy (Rheumatology and Rehabilitation now) and Radiation Therapy (currently Nuclear Medicine), and there was one diploma that combined the three specialties.

In 1969, Prof. Abdel-Wahab Mahmoud, head of the Diagnostic Radiology Department in Cairo University, at this time made a visit to our department with the aim of setting a vision for the development of the department, so drawings were made to plan the diagnostic radiology building (currently the old Internal Medicine Bulding). For operations, the AIGCO Company started the construction of the building under the supervision of Dr. Mahmoud Mahfouz, Minister of Health at this time, and Prof. Ibrahim Abul-Naga, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at Manwsoura University this time.

Because of conditions within the AIGCO Company, construction of the building was halted for years, and the building was rehabilitated and turned into the old Internal Medicine Bulding, due to the inability of the building’s foundations to bear the weight of heavy Radiological equipment. .

The Department of Diagnostic Radiology was separated from Nuclear Medicine on December1995 under the leadership of Prof. Magdy Mohamed El Rakhawy (during the second period of his tenure as head of the department).

At this time, the department was inaugurated during the reign of Prof. Magdy Mohamed El Rakhawy head of the department, and Prof. Abdel Fattah Hassan, president of the university. At this time the department contained X-ray machines, US, angiography machine, and an MRI machine.

In the period from 1985 to 1995, a large number of deputies were sent to Al-Qasr Al-Ainy to learn the advanced techniques of diagnostic radiology with the aim of developing the department scientifically. A number of assistant lectures were sent at this time to jointly supervise abroad in order to promote the Department of Diagnostic Radiology and keep it up to date with everything new.

Prof. Dr. Saleh Saleh El Esawy became the head of the department after that in 1998. Prof. Dr. Saleh Saleh El Esawy completed the installation of radiological equipment, completed the development of the building, and set up a new opening for the department after its development was completed.

(The history of the department was written with the help of Prof. Magdy Mohamed El Rakhawy)


Heads of radiology department:

Prof. Mohammad AbdelAzeez AbdelGawad (1978-1981) ) (Head of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine Department)
Prof. AbdelKhaleqh AbdelRazeqh (1982-1985) (Head of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine Department)
Prof. Magdy Mohamed El Rakhawy ( 1985-1991)
Prof. Saleh Saleh El Esawy (1991-1994)
Prof. Magdy Mohamed El Rakhawy (1995-1998)
Prof. Saleh Saleh El Esawy (1998-2001)
Prof. Sabry Alam El Dean Mohamed El Mogy  (2001-2007)
Prof. Mahmoud AlNahas (2007-2009)
Prof. Mohamed Abd El-Ghafar Borg (2009- 2012)
Prof. Magda Mohamed Shawky Shady (2012- 2014)
Prof. Mahmoud Abd El-Shahed Rashed Ali (2014- 2016)
Prof Talal Ahmed Youssef Amer (2016- 2017)
Prof. Ahmed Abd El-Khalek Abd El-Razek (2017- 2021)
Prof. Lamiaa Galal El Serougy (2021- until now)